From Risa L. 


I really, really love Natalie Joos and her work and I was so thrilled to know that there is a website inspired by her as well. It’s such a joy to know that I could go to a website and learn so much about fashion just like when reading Natalie’s works. This site has taught me a lot of things and I’m so happy to visit this website all the time. 


From Suzy B. 


It is an inspiring website! I was really glad that my friend told me about this and said that I can learn so much from it. It’s true and in fact, my fashion sense improved so much since I learned a lot from the ideas they share, any tips or suggestions they give. Thank you so much, Natalie Joos and I hope you keep up the good work. 


Jack V. 


This site is very interesting and I was so happy to know that they share fashion and styling tips for guys as well. I’m really glad they share items too and the places where it can be found. It was very convenient for me and I managed to find shopping sites because of Natalie Joos. 


Elaine D. 


The Natali Joos website is awesome, however, I wish you could put the locations of the store branches of the brands you share with us. That was lacking for me since the links for online shops are good as well. I just really like to shop personally so I think it’ll be a good thing to share the locations of store branches nevertheless, good job! I love this site so much.