1. Hello, I just wanted to ask something since Im new to your website. Do we need to create an account just so we could use the website?


  1. Hi, thank you so much for sharing your question with us and for visiting our website. If you are wondering about creating an account, no you don’t have to create an account just so you could use our website. In fact, you are free to visit us and check the different things in here as a guest. No need for an account!


  1. Where do I see the suggestions or tips for styling and fashion?


  1. Hi, thank you for your question! If you’d like to see the tips and ideas for styling and fashion, just go to the“tips”tab at the top part of this site and there, you will see various things we share such as ideas you could get and use for your own styles! 


  1. Do you have your own shop or do you sell your own items on your website?


  1. Hello, we would like to thank you for sending us your question. No, we don’t have our own shop or store online. We only share some trendy items or those brand-new items you will surely love and share where you could find them as well.


  1. How can I see the items you share on your website?


  1. Hello, thank you so much for your question. You may go to the“items and trends”section at the top part of this website along with the other tabs. You can see the items we share from different brands or shops in that page and you may also see the locations or links where you can find or buy those things. We hope you’ll find something interesting there.