About Us 

 What we are 


Natalie Joos is a fashion website inspired by the fashion blogger and writer herself, Natalie Joos. We are a group of people who keep the site updated for everyone else who would like to know more about the fashion industry. 


When we started 


We started in the year 2012 when we encountered Natalie Joos and her works. Our group became inspired by her passion for writing, blogging, and of course her fashion. We’d love to do something that will be a great help for those who love fashion as much as we do. 


How we started 


When we met Natalie Joos and saw her works, we got so inspired and motivated by her fashion sense and her passion. She shares a lot through blogging and writing and inspires a lot of people. With that, we thought that we wanted to do the same even though it could be different, we want to do something that we originally wanted to do. Eventually, we managed to create a site where we could share our fashion and styling tips until it improved so much until now. 


What we do 


We share a lot of tips and suggestions for styling and fashion. By this, people could learn more about the fashion itself and use these tips for themselves. We know how much people are curious about a lot of things and with fashion, people seem to look for ideas from which they can draw inspiration from. That’s exactly what we do, we share ideas that can inspire people and use it to their own styles and fashion sense. We do share a lot of trendy items as well and let the people know where they can get it. Some are our personal favorites while others are people’s favorites and popular items we know they will all love.